B5 Systems Bravo Stock

B5 Systems Bravo Stock

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We're dedicated to enhancing your shooting experience, and the Bravo Stock is a testament to that commitment. Manufactured by B5 Systems, a trusted name in firearm accessories, the Bravo Stock brings a range of features those discerning shooters demand. 


Ergonomic Cheek Weld: The Bravo Stock maintains the SOPMOD cheek weld, ensuring comfort and precision with every shot.

Color-Matched Steel Hardware: The attention to detail extends to color-matched steel hardware, adding a touch of style to your firearm.

Anti-Rotational QD Sling Mounts: Over molded steel anti-rotational quick disconnect sling mounts provide you with secure and flexible sling options.

No Slip Cushioned Butt Pad: Shoot with confidence, thanks to the no-slip cushioned butt pad for enhanced stability.

Milspec Materials and Finishes: B5 Systems takes pride in crafting the Bravo Stock with milspec materials and finishes for ultimate durability and reliability.

Made in the USA: B5 Systems manufactures the Bravo Stock right here in the United States, ensuring quality you can trust.


Weight: 9.30 oz.
Length: 7.20 in.
Width: 2.00 in.
Height: 4.90 in.
    1. Tactical Training: The adjustable cheek weld and buttpad make it ideal for tactical training where quick and accurate target acquisition is crucial.
    1. Competitive Shooting: Gain an advantage in competitive shooting sports such as 3-Gun, IPSC, or IDPA with the precision and customization options of the Bravo Stock.
    2. Law Enforcement and Military: Enhance the performance of law enforcement and military personnel, allowing for quick and precise shots in high-stress situations.
    3. Semi-Automatic Rifles: Upgrade your semi-automatic rifles, ensuring reliability and comfort during rapid fire.
    4. Close Quarters Battle (CQB): The Bravo Stock's slim profile, ergonomic cheek weld, and quick adjustments are invaluable for CQB situations where rapid target acquisition and maneuverability are critical.
    5. Close-Range Competitions: Competitive shooters in close-range events, like 3-Gun matches, can leverage the Bravo Stock's features for fast target transitions and reduced recoil, ultimately improving their performance.
    6. Quick Transition to Sidearm: The Bravo Stock's design facilitates efficient transitions from long guns to sidearms, ensuring that you can adapt rapidly to the evolving conditions of close-quarters engagements.
    7. Law Enforcement and Tactical Deployment: The Bravo Stock is an ideal choice for law enforcement officers and tactical teams, providing a reliable and comfortable stock for high-pressure situations.
    8. 3-Gun Competitions: Gain a competitive edge in 3-Gun competitions with the Bravo Stock, allowing for quick target transitions and improved control.
    9. Law Enforcement Patrol Rifles: Equip patrol rifles used by law enforcement officers with the Bravo Stock to improve accuracy and comfort during extended use.
    10. Rifle Match Competitions: Whether you're participating in precision rifle matches or PRS-style competitions, the Bravo Stock enhances your competitive advantage.