Long Range Courses

Welcome to our exclusive collection of Long Range Shooting and Scoped Rifle Courses, meticulously crafted from deep knowledge and experience in military service, hunting, and competitive shooting. These courses are designed around you and your rifle, emphasizing the importance of running any system you have access to or acquire. The only limit is that it must be a rifle with a magnified optic, variable or fixed.

Our curriculum is structured to teach and employ concepts that become ingrained in your memory, making these courses not only incredibly important but also highly applicable to you as an American Shooter. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a dedicated enthusiast, our courses are tailored to elevate your long-range shooting skills for both precision competitions and real-world applications. From in-depth analytics to mastering LPVO employment and expertly guided scoped rifle courses, our comprehensive training empowers you to excel in the world of long-range shooting. Join a community that values precision, expertise, and skill. Elevate your long-range shooting experience with our specialized courses and equip yourself for excellence in precision shooting.