Pistol Courses
Pistol Courses
Pistol Courses
Pistol Courses

Pistol Courses

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Class settings allows for shooters who not only want to improve but also want the community and comradery that comes along with other shooters. A benefit of the class environment is becoming confident in and conditioned to moving in and around other shooters while handling firearms. Though the class is structured, training will be conducted at the classes natural pace, focusing on precisely what is needed as a whole and where the deficiencies lie. 

One on One training allows for complete attention to be applied to the shooter. Giving the most to the shooter as possible means for the fastest advancement possible. 

This class is recommended for shooters of all abilities and skill levels. Especially those who are new to the firearms community and are looking for a structured way to analyze and gain improvement.

All training conducted near Quilcene, Wa (Unless otherwise arranged)

 Schedule of each class is dependent upon number of shooters scheduled. 

Material Covered

  • Weapons Safety
  • Weapons Conditions
  • Fundamentals
  • Gear Set Up
  • Loading Procedures
  • Analyzing/Fine Tuning Fundamentals
  • Self Evaluation Drills
  • White Space (allowed for any additional work that may be needed)

Gear List

1. Weapon
2. Gear
3. 200rnds of Ammo
4. Ear Protection
5. Eye Protection
6. Chapstick
7. Jacket
8. Sunblock
9. Water & Food
10. Holster
11. Gun belt
12. Magazine Pouches
13. 3 Magazines at Minimum
14. Something to Write with and on
15. Chair (will be warmer if you stand)
16. Good attitude and an open mind

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